Our faith teaches us about God’s existence and encourages us to see the spiritual realms with new eyes. The alpha and omega of all human life is Ahura Mazda.

Zarathushtra, as a baby, was unlike any other. Zarathushtra, unlike all other infants, did not weep when he was born. “He of Golden Sun,” Zarathushtra means. Zoroaster was his Greek nickname. 

Zarathushtra wished to assist others in finding the Light of God inside themselves. From China to Europe, Zoroastrianism spread across the globe.

From Bhikaiji Cama to Sam Manekshaw, the patroits. From Freedie Mercury to Bamon Irani, the celebrities. Each of them represents there own life in quite different ways, where some are long gone and others are still in the industry.

Despite our illustrious history and many Parsis’ continued success, the Parsi community today is a small one, with only 61,000 people spread across India.


Surat, Gujarat, India

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